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Sarah Milner shaves head for MNDA.

Sarah Milner is join secretary for MDNA Merseyside and has been an avid fundraiser for a number of years after losing her brother Stuart to Motor Neurone Disease when he was just 38.

She says ” Motor Neurone Disease has no cure or cause and tears families apart. MNDA Merseyside provides support to those affected by the disease and their carers.   I cared for my brother during the two years after he was diagnosed and fundraise to help others affected”

Here at Studio Bold being Glam is an important thing and we think this is the ultimate sacrifice so we invited her in for Before and After shots to mark the special occassion.

Whilst shooting there was a single white feather left over from a previous shoot and Sarah informed us of her Mother’s little collection of White Feathers which she insists is a symbol of her late Son. This, we agree is Fate.

So Far she has raised over £600 for the cause from the Head Shave. If you would like to contribute please click here.

To find out more about  MNDA Merseyside visit their Facebook.

Hair and Make Up: Lucy Goulding and Hair Come the Curls.


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